Your victory run through the US Open Pipe was one of last season’s most memorable moments from last season-What was going through your head as you cruised to the bottom?
    I just pray for all my friends and family and all the people of Japan who just lost so much because of earthquake and tsunami. Anybody can do tricks for victory lap. I just want to give something back to people and maybe make them smile a little bit in a bad time.
    When you’re not competing, where’s your favorite place to ride and why?
    Hokkaido, Japan is always my favorite. It is home and I just relax with friends and family. It is time when you forget about everything and just have fun. It’s a hard question to answer because every place is a favorite for different reasons but Hokkaido will always be my number 1.
    If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?
    Invisible is best. You can go anywhere and do anything and nobody knows.



Kazu prefers to read books over listening to music, but when he’s in the mood for some good tunes, Bob Marley is his go to.
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      "One Drop"-Bob Marley
      "Lively Up Yourself"-Bob Marley
      "Mr. Brown"-Bob Marley
      "Duppy Conqueror"-Bob Marley
      "Rebels Hop"-Bob Marley
      "Small Axe"-Bob Marley
      "Johnny Was"-Bob Marley
      "Soul Rebel"-Bob Marley

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