You ride some of the burliest terrain out there filming with the Absinthe crew-What’s one place that you’ve never ridden that you’ve always wanted to go?
    Jackson Hole. I've always hear so many good things about that resort. It sounds like so much fun, so much powder and steep runs. It's on the top of my list, maybe next year, who knows!?!!
    Your progressive freeride/freestyle riding style exudes pure confidence –What’s your most memorable “holy shit-this is so insane” moment?
    I get those insane days all the time when I'm riding deep powder with my friends in Whistler. Those deep pow days are the most fun and insane. If you want to know about scary insane, then nothing compares to Alaska. The terrain up there is so steep and scary. Every day over there riding with Nico or Wolle.... those are the craziest. It's mind blowing just to be in the helicopter and see all these crazy faces. Then getting dropped on them is insane. I'm always so scared to ride down. haha. It's fun, but yet so scary because it's so hard to prepare for that, nothing I've ridden has ever been that steep before.
    You’re one of the newest riders on the RED team-What made you want to start wearing a helmet?
    Definitely riding steep lines and getting in some sketchy situations with rocks involved. It feels so much better to have a helmet riding bigger lines. You never really know 100% what you are getting into when you go into a line. It's way smarter and safer to ride with a helmet since never know what's going to happen. It makes me feel way more confident for sure.



Annie’s playlist of new and old school tracks keeps her charging in the backcountry.

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      "Golden Brown"- The Stranglers
      "When I’m Alone"- Lissie
      "Hit the Road Jack"- Ray Charles
      "Passion Pit"- Sleepyhead
      "Bang Bang" (My Baby Shot you Down) - Nancy Sinatra
      "Run Through the Jungle"- CCR
      "Testify"- Common
      "Road to Zion"- Damien Marley

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